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कांग्रेस ‘कमल छाप नस्ल’ से निज़ात पाए.. मोदी की महाविजय, महिला मतदाता नायिका ?

-Poonam Chand Bhandari||

Media & social activist are coward? For the last ten days I am seeing that TV channels are firing against Tarun Tejpal even victim did not make complaint to police but all channels were asking why not FIR and police is not arresting Tejpal and regularly there are discussions on Channels and they have made him accused without any FIR or investigation. But why they are silent about supreme court judge, Why there is no discussion on TV channels. No one criticized about appointment of Committee to inquire the matter by Chief Justice of India. If any lady alleges sexual harassment by politician, bureaucrat, saint or any famous person, Media starts firing without verifying the facts But when name of judge comes, no one speaks. BJP protested against Tejpal at Goa, Vijay Jolly BJP leader demonstrate at the residence of Shoma Choudhary and says that he is in anger But why all silent against Supreme Court Judge Ganguly? Why not criticizing the Chief Justice of India who ordered inquiry because Anchors of TV channels are cowered. IT IS DISCRIMINATION. Justice Asok Kumar Ganguly
The victim is graduate of Kolkata-based National University of Judicial Sciences (NUJS) had alleged sexual harassment by a (now) retired apex court judge while she was interning with him in December 2012.
The young lawyer appeared before the committee. She had first alleged sexual harassment on Nov 6, in a blog for Journal of Indian Law and Society. Subsequently she repeated the allegation in an interview to Legally India website.
The young lawyer, who is at present working with organization Natural Justice: Lawyers for Communities and Environment, said besides herself she has heard three other girls too were sexually harassed by the same judge.
She had also claimed to have knowledge of another four girls who were allegedly harassed by other judges in their chambers.
judge misbehaves with female law officers and yet no action against them. What is happening? Are we having two sets of laws? One for the common man and one for the high. They can not be left without any answerability.
My opinion, our judicial system should take pretty hard action against accused if such cases come to public. A narco analyses can bring out the truth.
I request to media to deal with this matter as they dealt with Tarun Tejpal, Saint Asharam, Rajasthan minister Babu Lal nagar and Anjna and investigating agency should register the case and immediatly arrest the retired Supreme court judge as alleged by Victim and also investigate about other four girls who were allegedly harassed by other four judges and disclose their names. I also request general public and activist to come.

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