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कांग्रेस ‘कमल छाप नस्ल’ से निज़ात पाए.. मोदी की महाविजय, महिला मतदाता नायिका ?

-Nitish K. Singh||

a fanatic and fake image taken in Pakistan which was reportedly used by extremists claming it to be taken in a protest related to Assam

Muzaffarnagar riots are just been taken down from the prime time, but not from victims and the lives of survivors. Godhara was similar in nature and has a warm corner in the heart of devil. So has the Revenge March of ’84, killings of Bhagalpur, vengeance of Bombay. There were only handfuls of people who gained something through these riots and that were only one thing, power along with their fear among public. Today all those who gained are well and placed on heights of their lives. Who else got anything except memories and wounds?

The social media wings of the Extremists are continuously improving their skills to advertise their communalism over the social media. The Muzaffarnagar expanded after fake news in which a video shot in Pakistan was presented as Indian video shot between the Muzaffarnagar riots. This video got viral and killings reached their new height. Such things happened in Godhara when a rumor, as told in the investigation reports, made the mob to burn people alive and chop them into pieces. After each and every “event” its been continuously proved that lives don’t need a reason to be taken away and people need a reason to live, their religion must be same as the killing mob coming towards them. Lives are of no cost in front of these “damn-confirmed-news” type rumors, which always provoke the excited states to wander around on the roads and leave a few survivors with their closed ones lying torn and broken.

amreliThe latest update in this file is from Amreli in Gujarat. Tehseel President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and his brother were killed by a mob armed with swords and acute weapons. A reporting story was shared by a communal news network and its social media appearance, which states that the two brothers were killed by a communal crowd of opponent religion. Whereas the local newspaper and media published it as a property dispute and a simple criminal activity. When talked to DGP of Saurashtra, Mr. Radhakrishnan, he claimed it a usual criminal activity which happened as a result of property dispute among two suburbs belonging to different communities. He denied any kind of communalism involved in this accident.

In the recent past, it is seen that communal pages, sites, and posts which have no bases and proof have been spread like air, thus creating a hallucination in the minds. Its been a constant practice in the pretext of riots that such incendiary statements went viral and once again this can be a start of such a game. Elections on roll, parliament polls just about to arrive and with Muzaffarnagar just happened; it can be an igniter again.

Social media is a very important medium in today’s scenario and this is an important fact in itself that a huge population which is going to decide India’s political and social direction, which is youth of the country, is reading and watching all these stuffs regularly. Those who are spreading these fanatic rumors are leading the nation towards one more riot. Who is going to think about this?


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