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कांग्रेस ‘कमल छाप नस्ल’ से निज़ात पाए.. मोदी की महाविजय, महिला मतदाता नायिका ?

Who was driving “the Aston Martin” that night?


Date : December 7th, 2013; Place: Pedar Road, Mumbai. ; Time: Around 2 a.m.

A black Aston Martin Rapide was on its row with a couple of escort SUVs trailing behind. Suddenly it lost control and hit a bright Audi A8 which came in the way. The hit was so powerful that the Audi, after being hit, jumped over the divider to the opposite lane and crashed into a private bus standing near the footpath. The Aston Martin was still furious and gets on to hit a Hyundai Elantra in which Vikas Mishra, Smriti Mishra and their pregnant relative were sitting. The Aston Martin broke the nose of the pregnant lady, thus making her severely injured. Eye witnesses tell a greater story, claiming two deaths and four injuries, making the case more serious and offensive than just of drunk driving.1365576934_300x300

According to injured people, it was driven by a fat young guy who was drunk to his limits. The car is found to be a property of Ambani Family and the young guy is claimed to be Akash Ambani, son of Mukesh Ambani who managed to flee with the help of escorting vehicles after the accident.

The Accident was so hard that the Aston Martin Rapide ranging around 4 Crores was left just as a metal scrap and the Audi threw its wheels over other vehicles. The speed of the vehicle at the time of accident is told to be over 100 kmph. This brutal accident happened on 7th December and none of the media covered it till 11th December, before it broke on social media.

On 8th December after Foram Ruparel, the driver of Audi, went on to lodge a FIR in Gamadevi Police Station for this, Bansilal Joshi, a driver in Reliance Industries came into light accepting he was driving the car and it was his fault. When asked, police said, they are enquiring about the role of Bansilal in the accident if he was present at the place of accident or not. They will check the statement, call details and location of the driver. It is possible that he might be driving one of the escorting vehicles so his location and details may match with the statement. Identities of injured and died people are yet to be disclosed by the managed police.Aston_Martin_hit_and_run_at_Peddar_Road

The role of the police and media, so far, is completely questionable, as they haven’t questioned The Amabnis once about the car. The media is trying to pull down the matter with fulfilling the quota of news about the matter. Even Zee, IBN and DNA have published this, but later on they took it off from the board, thus making the news of media management more certain.

The questions raised from this accident were many, but the one which many a persons including Omar Abdullah, CM of J&k, was biggest. He tweets, “If friends in Mumbai are to be believed, it seems the only people who don’t know who was driving the fancy Aston Martin are the Mumbai Police.Tweet-Omar

The big question of the hour is, “Will the riches keep doing crimes and flying away?”

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