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जरा आंकड़े देखें कि किन तबकों के बड़े जज कितने मोदी को बेनकाब करता सोनिया गांधी का लेख.. सुप्रीम कोर्ट के शिकंजे में रामदेव नेहरू परिवार भी अब ओछी जुबान वाले पनौती और चुनौती 4 दिन के युद्धविराम से कोई राहत मिलेगी? रामदेव को सुप्रीम कोर्ट की फटकार.! कानून से बड़ा साबित हो रहा राम रहीम..
-Kulbir Singh Kalsi||
Chandigarh, There was a music and video release/launch today of first Hindi Music Album “Dil Uspe Hai Marta” by singer Sandy Juneja. The music launch was witnessed by media friends and some popular names from film industries.DSC02149
Singer Sandy Juneja told the media, that its his first music album and the video has been launched today. This will follow more songs in the row. The music theme is soft and melody. Music has been inspired by all slow but melodious bollywood tracks. We had been working on this album since February, 2014 and today we got a chance to finally launch this. Sandy has a flair for movies and art. He has had been associated with theatre for more than 8 years. Worked in several Hindi and Punjabi movies, some names are “Phantom” Hindi movie, “Ishqq Warga Love” Punjabi movie, Mere Brother ki Dulhan, Zero Dark Thirty Hollywood movie. Sandy said that if given a chance he will also work in any character role in Hindi or Punjabi movie. Punjabi movies are also in demand these days.
Talking about his music album he told that the music of the album is being given by Lakshman Das ji, who has given music for several bollywood albums. The video has been directed by NT Films. Video edited by Puneet ASP.
Also present in the Press Release were Sh. Darsh S. Aulakh from Darshan Aulakh Productions. Who were special guest in the event. He spoke to media about his passion about movies and interests with which he makes movies.
In the guests were Sh. Narinder Mahajan who has just finished his bollywood movie Nabbey as lead actor. Also, he has acted in several Punjabi songs.
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