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यह दौर है कठपुतली मीडिया का.. महिला सम्मान पर भाजपा बेनकाब.. महिला आरक्षण पर सोनिया गांधी की सलाह गौरतलब.. हिन्दुत्व पर कांग्रेस को सतर्क रहना होगा.. सवालोँ से बचते मोदी पुतिन और वाग्नर से लोकतंत्र विरोधी काम से बचने की नसीहत किस्मत वाला लेकिन सत्ता लोभी नेता अशोक गहलोत बाप बेटे दोनों ने की खुदकुशी

-Kulbir Singh Kalsi||

Chandigarh, Godrej Interio, a leader and innovator in the furniture category carried out an extensive study across 650 offices and 150 designers in order to understand the concept application of colours to work spaces. The study entailed expert views on the ‘future of workspaces’. Godrej Interio went one step ahead and combined colour preferences with the observed megatrends, caused due to changes in technology and sustainability. Godrej Interio held a ‘Colour Palette Pro’ workshop with Latika Khosla – renowned colour and trend analyst in Chandigarh today.DSC_0048

Indian work spaces are striving to achieve a balance between global influences of megatrends and Indian tastes and unique colour preferences. Today’s generation is extremely evolved, moving away from the typical, conventional themes towards state of art, sophisticated themes. They wish to delve deeper into concepts that revolve around colours, yet stay rooted to Indian values.

Commenting on this concept, Latika Khosla said, “It is clear that Godrej Interio services a very vast customer base which includes sectors of the Governance, PSUs, Banking & Finance, Technology, IT & ITes & the SMEs. Each of these industries has specific requirements which are in constant transformation. The result of this in-depth study with Godrej Interio gives us an inspiring set of colours and materials in the Colour Palette Pro, which gives endless possibilities for future space designs”

Mr. Sameer Joshi, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Godrej Interio said, “At Godrej Interio, our intention in imbibing a design philosophy is to fulfill the needs of our colour conscious consumers. Today, consumers want their surroundings to reflect their desires and personality. They are ready to go that extra mile to create a setting that will speak for itself. We hope to encourage architects all over, to understand the concept of colours through this workshop.”

Godrej Interio works closely in tune with the changing attitudes to interior spaces. The result of this in-depth study of both local and global trends in colours is futuristic in nature and defines the colour trends for the next five years.

About Godrej Interio:
Godrej Interio (GI) is India’s premium furniture brand in both home and institutional segments with a strong commitment to sustainability and centres of excellence in design, manufacturing and retail.

GI aims to transform spaces with its thoughtfully designed furniture to create brighter homes and offices with products that have the highest design quotient in aesthetics, functionality and technology. GI pursues excellence with a special focus on the health and ergonomics. Be it office, home or other specialized applications, Godrej Interio has the entire range under one roof.DSC_0041

GI cares for the environment and strongly advocates the policy of sustainability. GI ensures that all its products are manufactured with the minimalistic effects on the environment, thus lessening the carbon footprint. Usage of eco-friendly materials; setting up of less polluting and consuming processes; eco-friendly packaging and transportation; and finally recycling/re-use of used furniture and scrap shows GI’s commitment to “Talk Green, Walk Green”.

GI outlets pan across India – 84 exclusive showrooms in 20 cities, operating through 800 dealers. GI is one of the largest divisions of Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., part of the Godrej Group, one of India’s largest engineering and consumer product groups.

About Latika Khosla:
Latika Khosla is the Design Director of Freedom Tree Design, a colour and trend studio in India. Freedom Tree specializes in design and colour strategies for retail collections, products and branded environments. Freedom Tree is also the founding organizer of Colours India, which promotes the technology, marketing, design and communication of colour.

Colour and design are central to Latika’s life; she enjoys training and sharing design approaches and colour education with students, enthusiasts, professionals and brands.

Latika has an acute appreciation of the power of colour to give a voice and create change. From the poorest to the wealthiest homes and buildings, she loves to see the aspiration and joy reflected in colour.
Also, Latika Khosla, one of the founders of Takete Maluma, now brings the brand afresh to us as Freedom Tree. An international trend and Color consultant, she is the founder director of Freedom Tree Design studio. Their specialty is Trend and Color Strategies for brands, in India and internationally.

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