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मोदी को बेनकाब करता सोनिया गांधी का लेख.. सुप्रीम कोर्ट के शिकंजे में रामदेव नेहरू परिवार भी अब ओछी जुबान वाले पनौती और चुनौती 4 दिन के युद्धविराम से कोई राहत मिलेगी? रामदेव को सुप्रीम कोर्ट की फटकार.! कानून से बड़ा साबित हो रहा राम रहीम.. केंद्र की नीतियों के खिलाफ भाजपा का घोषणापत्र..

The actors of the show – SadiyaSiddiqui and Sonali Sachdev, visit the city of Chandigarh to talk about their upcoming show…

The story of a girl with seven mothers-in-law …


-Kulbir Singh Kalsi||

Chandigarh, Zee TV, India’s leading Hindi general entertainment channel (GEC), has consistently entertained audiences with differentiated content that has resonated with its core positioning of Umeed. The channel now brings its viewers yet another story of hope, SatrangiSasural. The show centers aroundAarushi who marries Vihaan Narmada Vatsal, a man raised by not one, but seven very strong and independent mothers. Starting 3rd December, every Monday to Friday at 10 PMon Zee TV,join Aarushi on her journey of deftly managing the expectations of her seven mothers-in- law, who only have Vihaan’s best interests at heart. The sensitive depiction of the unique dynamics between a bahu and her sevenmothers-in-law, is the first-of-its-kind on Indian television. Visiting the town of Chandigarh to talk about their upcoming show today are the very renowned actors– SadiyaSiddiqui and Sonali Sacchdev.DSC_0269
Based in Delhi, the Vastals are a unique family that represents a cross section of India’s vibrant culture as each of the mothers hail from diverse backgrounds and have their own individual personalities. While DadiMaa influences Vihaan in terms of having a mature point of view while tackling the problems of life, Narmada Maa, his biological mother, is his emotional anchor and coaches him on being sensitive to others. BuaMaa inculcates in him an intrinsic strength and the ability to stand up for what is right. ChachiMaa takes care of his diet and ensures he’s eating right at all times. Mini Maa, being the fitness enthusiast she is, looks into his health and well-being. Tai Maa is his spiritual anchor, teaching him to stay connected with God and MaasiMaa is his intellectual guide who ensures that he excels in his career. How will his wife Aarushi, who hails from a nuclear family of modest means, where she is the sole bread winner, adapt to a joint family with seven mother figures? Only time will tell!

One of the most challenging aspects of the show was to arrive at its casting as each of these mother figures called for actors of a certain caliber and maturity to portray the nuances effortlessly. The ensemble star cast includes some of the most iconic faces of Indian television. Veteran actor Farida Jalal returns to the small screen as Vihaan’s grandmother who binds them all together!Powerhouse performers like BhavanaBalsaver, SadiaSiddiqui, ReshamTipnis, Sheetal Thakkar, Sonali Sachdev and SamtaSagar have stepped in to play the other mothers. SatrangiSasural has Ravish Desai as the male lead protagonist – Vihaan, oppositeMugdhaChaphekarwho essays the role of Aarushi. The show is produced by 24 Frames spearheaded by PurnenduShekhar, NanditaMehra, GajraKottary and BhairaviRaichura.

Talking about the show, Namit Sharma – Programming Head, Zee TV said,“Having launched differentiated content such as Jamai Raja and KumkumBhagya, the superhero series Maharakshak Aryan and Bandhan that explores a bond of sibling love between man and animal, we now bring our viewers SatrangiSasural – a show that explores a unique scenario where the man of the house has been raised by seven mother figures – and is all set to marry a girl who must then stand up to the expectations of each of these doting mothers, adapt to this new environment and build relationships within the family. Written by PurnenduShekhar, whose partnership with Zee, has produced gems like Astitva … EkPremKahaani and SaatPhere, the show has a stellar cast in place. So, we look forward to entertaining our viewers with yet another interesting story!”

Sonali Sachdev, known to opt for meaty & performance-driven roles in theatre, films and television, will be seen playing a doting mother in the show. She shares her experience “I play Vihaan’s biological mother who is a calm, balanced woman who does not talk much but is a strong individual & has a mind of her own. Even though her husband has left her without telling her, she is not bitter about life. Instead she’s raised Vihaan instilling in him, strong values to make him a loving, kind & compassionate human being. The concept of seven mothers-in-law seemed interesting and different from the average, run-of-the-mill fare one typically samples. That is what compelled me to opt for the role. To work with creative minds like BhairaviRaichura and PurnenduShekhar is a privilege.”

Having impressed the audience and critics alike with her power-packed performances, Sadiya will be seen yet again in an author-backed role. She said, “I am playing the character of the elder bua – Vihaan’s father’s elder sister and daughter of Dadima (Farida Jalal). She has been through a traumatic marriage. Despite the bad experience, she has bounced back with determination & renewed vigor. She completely dotes on Vihaan. The manner in which Vihaan connects with each of his seven mothers is depicted beautifully and will tug at the heartstrings of the viewers.”

With the mother-in-law defining the character of any sasuraal and shaping the contours of a bride’s everyday life, how will Arushi manage the challenge of making seven promises not only to Vihaan, but one to each of his seven mother figures as well…?

Starting 3rd December, catch Vihaan&Aarushi as they embark on their journey of love on ‘SatrangiSasural’, every Monday to Friday at 10 PM, only on ZEE TV!

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